The CTA Project

the uk contribution


The CTA project is an international initiative to build the next generation ground-based very high energy gamma-ray observatory. It will serve as an open observatory to a wide astrophysics community and will provide a deep insight into the non-thermal high-energy universeThe CTA-UK group is formed from the Universities of Liverpool, Leicester, Durham, Edinburgh, Southampton, Nottingham  and Oxford,  Liverpool John Moores University and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  The main technical focus of CTA-UK is the high energy regime (from a few TeV to a few hundred TeV). The UK is very active in designing and prototyping of the small sized telescopes which will form the high energy component of the array. In addition CTA-UK members hold key leadership positions within the collaboration, e.g:

  • Prof. Jim Hinton, University of Leicester – CTA Project Scientist
  • Prof. Tim Greenshaw, University of Liverpool – Small Sized Telescope Coordinator
  • Dr. Paula Chadwick, University of Durham – Outreach Coordinator
  • Dr. Richard White, University of Leicester – CHEC Project Manager

UK scientists play an active role in CTA working many different areas including: simulations and array optimisation, Small Sized Telescope (SST) Design, Calibration, Camera Design, Electronics Design and Observatory Strategy. In addition, as detailed in these pages, many UK scientists have physics interests which will greatly benefit from the scientific capabilities of CTA.